Maza is a new way of managing finance through transparency and built in accountability


Maza is a new way of managing finance by changing the way the world looks at finance. Maza uses advanced Blockchain based technology to create a seamless platform of financial accountability which is as simple as sending a text. Whether you use the Mazacoin Token as a secure means of value transfer or our advanced block chain for secure document retention and security...what can mazacoin do for you ?


Maza begun as a simple crypto currency back in 2013 with a focus on impacting the Native American economies for the better. We have since re positioned ourselved in order to leverage the full potential of blockchain technology in a effort to help tribal and emerging nations gain a better foothold in the overall global community


Maza basic wallet services are available for most operating systems and we're consently looking into new innovations and ways to develop new and exciting blockchain based services with a focus in client needs.





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our Story

Maza started in 2013 as a ambitious project to change the way Native American tribes built their local economies.  Our goals at the time were to become a means by which tribal members and local merchants could regain control over local commerce and keep the local economy thriving by keeping the source of the economy right here at home. But what started as a small upstart project soon became something more...we developed a means to secure tribal ID's and documents through the use of the Apertus sysem. Mazacoin slowed as markets cooled and focused on new products and then it happened...
The Standing Rock movement galvanized the world as Water Protectors bravely fought to protect a vital american water source from contamination from an oil pipeline project being forced into existence adjacent to the Standing Rock Tribal Nation. Mazacoin Founder Payu Harris spent 8 months there on the front lines, from start to finish, and realised "THIS is where Mazacoin can do some amazing good." He started out embedding witness testomony, various forms of case evidence, even whole websites were embedded into the Mazacoin blockchain for protection.
It's not about NOT banking...people will always have a need for new and secure banking and financial's about changing the face of banking and offering people a real alternative that is responsible and forward thinking toward a better future for humanity and the planet. We're working on a new DIVEST movement encouraging people to DIVEST from faceless oil-supporting banks and start INVESTING into secure funds via Mazacoin in their own wallets that they control and can be assured are not being used to fund fossil fuel exploitation of the planet. Why let someone else tell you how and when your funds are available? Mazacoin is proving that crypto assets and blockchain technology can be used to change the world and help encourage others to take part in saving our own personal finance, our communities, and our planet...what can Mazacoin DIVEST for you?

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Mazacoin Founder plans trip to North Cheyenne tribal nation to explore Block chain reservation wide solution platform. More soon